What not to Feed Dogs at Christmas

At the Christmas time, we have to pay attention to drink, food, as well as spending. Your pet may get more than a stomach ache, scary credit card balance, or sore head. In fact, your dog can eat plenty of treats during the festive season. That’s why he can easily suffer serious injuries due to several indulgent foods. Here are some foods you shouldn’t feed your dog at Christmas.


Most pet owners know that chocolate is dangerous for dogs, but they often forget this at Christmas. They can be able to be highly toxic, even when you just feed your dog small quantities. In addition, he can also eat ice cream that contains chocolate as a part of your ice cream cone. So, your dog may get stomach pains, skin irritations, noxious gas, and diarrhea as well.


If you tend to add a dash of nutmeg to your puppy this Christmas, don’t fling it. They are considered as one of the lesser known poisonous dog foods. But, nutmeg can be able to cause seizures, tremors, as well as problems related to the nervous system. Also, they can your dog to suffer from death.

Grapes and raisins

The fact is that grapes are not good for dogs. Actually, Aussies probably choose to eat more raisins at Christmas time because of the traditional plum pudding. But, it’s not great to feed your dog grapes as well as raisins. Both of them can be able to cause acute kidney failure in him.


Well, avocados are used popularly at the Christmas. But, this food contains a toxin. They can even damage both your dog and other animal’s lungs, heart, and tissue. But, they give your dog a mild effect. You should avoid feeding them any pet birds.

Macadamia nuts

One of the largest producers of macadamias is Australia. In fact, there are about six million macadamia trees here. They can be toxic to your dog. If you feed him macadamia nuts, he may show his symptoms within 12 hours. These symptoms include hypothermia, vomiting, and elevated heart rate. That’s why it’s important to keep them wrapped under the tree.

Onions and garlic

If you feed your dog in large quantities of onions and garlic, both of them can cause anemia and gastric irritation to him. So, it’s important to be mindful when you prepare Christmas vegetables as well as turkey stuffing.

Turkey skin, sausages, pork crackling, and fatty meats

Unfortunately, these dog foods can be able to cause inflammation of the pancreas because of their high-fat content. In addition, even pet owners shouldn’t eat these foods In spite of their delicious taste.


Normally, we celebrate the festive season with wine, beer, as well as bubbles. But, if you just feed your dog small amounts of alcohol, he may suffer from death. So, remember to keep your dog out of reach some foods such as fermented fruit, spilled the drink, half-empty glasses, and other foods.

Tips for keeping your dog healthy over Christmas

Don’t give into to him novelty treats

It may be a great idea to feed your dog treats as a part of a healthy daily routine. But, avoid feeding him with a small number a day. Also, they have to suit his digestion and health requirements.

A pet Christmas dinner happens once a year

Once you tend to give your dog a special Christmas dinner, it’s best to cut back on his breakfast as well as treats that day. If you feed him a large amount of food, he may get digestive problems. Instead, you should have a normal dinner.

Be prepared for the January Blues

Of course, your dog will want Christmas to last longer. So, you should ease back slowly if you have a lot of playtime. Then, plan to walk on the weekend for January in order to come back your work.

Measure your dog’s food each meal

It’s important to keep an eye on the amount of food you are feeding your dog before Christmas. You can use a measuring cup in order to measure your dog’s food. Aside from that, you can also use the tails.com Perfect Portion Scoop. Then, you can feed him the right amount of food every day.

Contact your vet if needed

There are a lot of temptations your dog can get at Christmas. They can cause your dog extra stress. The best way is to consult your vet about a plan over the Christmas period.

Consider what you’re feeding your dog

You need to look at what you feed your dog during your holiday. To give your dog an optimum health, you should feed him a dog with good nutrition. But, this time is a great time to look into any niggling concerns and worries. In order to handle them, you need a tails.com diet. Make sure you feed your dog the food that matches his needs.

Forbidden Fruit

As we mentioned above, there are many poisonous human foods you should feed your dog. They include onion, garlic, leeks, chocolate, mushrooms, and raisins. Before feeding him, it’s essential to check if the food is suitable for your dog.

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