What cake dog can’t eat

In some parties. Your dog also wants to share the joy with the owner’s family. But do you know eating some cakes will seriously affect their health? With the article below, we will show you some reasons.

Why is mooncake harmful to dogs?

The ingredients of mooncake consist of wheat flour, white sugar and oil. Therefore, the amount of carlo included in mooncake is extremely high. Due to high content of oil, sugar and fat, this cake is not only difficult to digest but also impedes the absorption of other foods, resulting in the accumulation of food in the body. In particular, for dogs, eating mooncakes will be not beneficial to their health. If taking mooncakes, they may experience some clinical symptoms such as vomiting and anorexia.

Besides, mooncakes usually have kinds of nuts and peanuts. These nuts are not easy to digest, leading to digestive problems. Other food ingredients, for example grapes, can cause the dogs to be poisoned. Finally, mooncakes that are too soft will remain in their teeth, which will gradually affect the puppy’s dental health.

Other alternatives to mooncakes for your dog

If the dog can not eat the traditional mooncake. So can they eat moon cakes without sugar that is specially made for the people with diabetes or the elderly?

Actually, the mooncake without sugar also has the sweetness like the common mooncake. However, the amount of sucrose and glucose in the cake is lower than the traditional mooncake. Instead, this cake includes xylitol, maltitol and other kinds of sugar. According to health experts, these ingredients are good for health than those in traditional cakes. It is advisable that the people with diabetes should eat this type of cake.

Nevertheless, the dog is not the same the human. In other words, eating issues of dogs and humans are not similar to each other. In fact, artificial sugar is harmless to the human. However, if dogs take the food with the artificial sugar, blood sugar level will considerably decrease, leading to convulsive fits. American veterinary researchers have found that the foods containing xylitol will cause dogs to get liver failure. Therefore, you are advised not to let your dog eat this mooncake without sugar. The reason is that this cake is even more dangerous than the traditional mooncake.

To sum up, mooncakes have a delicious taste but it is not healthy for your dog. If you want to give them something to share the joy with the family on special occasions, you can choose other foods. You should give your dog other cakes such as treat cakes and bones for dogs that are usually sold in supermarkets or pet marts. In addition, you make yourself some other foods for the dog. Surely your dog will be happy to eat them.

Besides mooncakes, you need to keep your dog away from other foods including:

  • Garlic and onion: Garlic and onions are often used in several foods aimed at adding flavor to the meal. As usual, they are quite good for the human’s health. However, your dog may suffer from digestive problems when eating these foods. You also don’t allow your dog to take the food with a lot of aromatic spices. If the dog eat too much of these foods, he may have signs of anorexia, consequently, his urine gets orange or dark red.
  • Chocolate: Chocolate with the sweet flavour is surely one of the pets’ favourite foods. But do you know the caffeine in chocolate can kill your pet? Note that the pure chocolate will be more dangerous. It may make the dog get a stomach ache and vomit. More worse, if the pets consumes chocolate in large quantities, they can go into convulsions and take a high risk for death.
  • Avocado: Nearly all parts of the avocado tree are harmful to animals, including avocado fruits. Toxins from in the pulp and peel of the avocado are not the only danger. If your dog swallows avocado seeds, he will get the intestinal obstruction, which causes your dog to suffocate.
  • Chicken: Poultry is not a threat to dogs, but their bones can damage the intestines and stomach of dogs. When chickens are well cooked, their bones become more and more dangerous. Therefore, if your dog has some symptoms including difficulty in breathing, fatigue, you are advised to take them to a veterinarian.

In conclusion, for your dog to have a good health, it is necessary to select the food beneficial to their digestive system. In addition, you need to keep them away from the mooncake and other above-mentioned foods.

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