take care of the Pets

Do not give your dog unhealthy foods. Tune in on your dog’s advice and advice if you want to keep your dog healthy

From 6 months to 1 year old we feed the dog 2 meals a day is enough. At this time, the dog has started to exercise, so the amount of substance required should be increased (The amount does not increase, otherwise the dog will be fat and lazy to exercise, incubate. same harm.) Overseas can sell canned meat for dogs about 1kg to 1.2kg at an affordable price. In Vn Depending on the economy of the owner that provides; Silver music, lungs, hearts and other things in the abattoir if not fresh, they must be cooked because there are many flukes. Remove worms, tapeworms regularly, dogs will grow, and the food will be absorbed completely.

The right diet combined with proper training and running will give you a beautiful dog, intelligent and robust. The development of the dog is most intense up to a year old, every shape, physical depend on this period very much

Adult dogs after one year of age only need to eat one bite a day, but still have to be high in quality (Meat is high in vegetables, and sometimes nibbled on a cow bone or thigh bone). Dogs for different purposes, and large and small breeds are different in quantity and quality