Human Foods Your Puppies Can Eat

As a pet owner, you will want to indulge your puppy treats. But, the important thing is to feed him with good human foods. Be careful otherwise you can feed your dog dangerous tidbits. And, it’s important to prevent steps to prevent your dog from treating himself. Check out this article to get the list of human foods your dog can eat.

Pasta and Rice

If you want to feed your dog pasta and rice, it’s important to cook them. Actually, brown rice is one of the healthy whole grain. So, you can feed your dog brown rice. In order to make your dog’s meal liven up, you can add some to his current dog food. The human food you feed your puppy should be no more than 5-10 % of his diet. You need to give your dog the nutrients he needs.


There are some kinds of meat you can feed your dogs such as turkey, chicken, chuck steak, lean ground beef, and roast. They are considered as animal-based proteins. If he eats them, he can grow strong. But, there are some rules you need to remember.

First, don’t forget to cook meat well. Avoid feeding your puppy raw or undercooked meat. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t feed him fatty cuts such as bacon. It’s best to cut meat into easy-to-chew-chunks. Last, don’t feed your puppy moldy, old, as well as spoiled meats.


It’s a great idea to feed your puppy fiber, vitamins, and some canine crunch. Some vegetables need to be grated or finely chopped before feeding your dog. They include cucumber, lettuce, carrot, zucchini, corn, bell peppers, and celery. In addition, some favorites should be steamed such as broccoli, green bean, cauliflower, asparagus, as well as hard winter squash.

Don’t feed him avocado because it can upset his stomach. Don’t feed your dog any vegetable and human foods that can give him tummy trouble.

Treats for Dog-Day Afternoons

You should give your dog pop in order to cool off a hot dog during a sultry day. Give your dog his favorite foods such as veggies or applesauce. Freeze it in an ice cube tray. It’s better to mix 1 cup of peanut butter with a little water or half a ripe banana.

Bread and Pretzels

In fact, bite-sized bits of whole wheat bread is a great choice for your puppy’s gut health. Avoid feeding your dog raw dough. It can lead to serious stomach problems. You can also give your puppy some pieces of unsalted pretzel. Remember to skip the salted kind because it can lead to extra thirsty. Also, it can cause big problems if you feed him too much.

Sweet Treats

In addition to grapes and raisins, most of the fruits are good for your puppy. You can feed him slices of fresh banana, blueberries, chunks of cantaloupe, or orange sections. In addition, it’s great to give your dog homemade sweet potato jerky.

Foods to Help the Meds Go Down

You may have to take your dog pills, especially when he’s big or smell bad. It’s best to hide spills in a tasty treat for going down more easily. For example, you can hide them in peanut butter or a marshmallow. By this way, you can help your dog swallow these pills without knowing it there. Other good hiding places may be chicken and ground beef. For the best result, you should consult your vet about other ideas for using a slice of hot dog.

Doggie Kong Delights

It’s a great idea to use toys like a Kong in order to get your dog to eat his foods. Let your dog lick the toy with foods out. If your dog feels boring, you should try some things as tomato chunks, an egg, grated bell pepper, and a sprinkle of cheese. You can spoon cooked oatmeal into a Kong. Cover a bit of low-fat graham cracker on it. Then, it’s time to frozen or serves warm.

Give a Dog a Bone

It’s great to stick to chew toys. Avoid feeding him turkey and chicken bones because these bones are easy to splinter into sharp pieces. Even big lamb or beef bones aren’t also great choices. They come with disease-causing germs. In fact, cooked bones can also give splinters. Your dog’s digestive tract actually may be damaged by them.

Holiday Foods to Share

There are many holiday food that is dangerous for your puppy. But, you can still provide him a taste of your celebration. Consider feeding him some tidbits such as green beans, well-cooked turkey, as well as cooked sweet potato. Also, don’t allow him to lick chocolate and cocktails. These foods are toxic to him.


In conclusion, as a pet owner, you have to feed your puppy healthy foods. Keep in mind there are some

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