1.Most of the time you need to do iron cleaning is a quick wipe or rinse. As soon as you finish cooking, remove the food, empty the excess grease and wipe the inside with a dry cotton towel or wash the pan that is still hot under hot tap water, using a natural bristle brush to loosen all traces of food.

2.Add a few drops of natural dish soap to hot water, place the pan on a good broom and rinse. Short exposure to won soap hurts the seasoned surface, and it sure your pulse has everything you cook vaguely fishy for weeks.

3.If you still have stubborn food crumbs stuck to the pan after washing, or you can’t clean the pan right away, fill the pan with warm water and set it on the stove over medium heat and let it simmer for a few minutes. minutes or until food disappears easily, and then clean the pan under running water.

4.When clean, completely dry the pan in a warm oven or on the stove.