We need an indoor juice extractor because that gives us more vitamins, enzymes and liquid nutrients that are easily absorbed into the human body.

1. Fresh juice only takes about 15 min to transform into health for your body. Many of us do not have a good digestive system, which affects the absorption of nutrients from vegetables, tubers, and fruits. Therefore, fresh fruit juice will go directly to the body cells in the shortest time and in the form of liquid nutrition, so that your body absorbs it very easily.

2. Juice can synthesize many kinds of fresh vegetables, tubers, and fruits that you need in your daily nutrition menu. We often eat the same vegetable, root, or fruit every day or may be worse than not eating enough and regularly. By squeezing out water, you can safely consume a large amount of vegetables, tubers, fruits in just one bottle of juice, ensuring the supply of a #Vitamin in the body.

3. Fresh juice also has many other health benefits. Fresh vegetable juices contain a lot of “electrolytes” (#Alkaline). By consuming fresh juice regularly, you will feel healthier, your digestive system will be better, your skin smoother and thus, your life will have more energy to do What you are happier.πŸ’πŸŒŸπŸŒΊπŸŒΌ